Reflecting on the first Newland Denton County Land Purchase

On this day in 1918 Everette and my great great great grandparents M.L Newland and his wife Jennie purchased their first piece of land in Denton County. 100 years later we have remained Denton County natives, land owners, and members of the community for 5 generations. Having established deep roots in Denton, we take pride in sharing our knowledge of the area, and understanding of the people and community with each of our clients.

Agent Appreciation at the Newland Ranch

Everette Newland with agents Chad Mudd and Joey Higgs enjoyed some agent appreciation at the Newland Ranch this weekend!

To the Farmer in All of Us.

This is who we are – from our view on creation, family, public service, work ethic, and lifestyle. To the farmer in all of us.